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How to Choose Log Furniture

When most people think of log furniture, they imagine a guy going into the woods, chopping down a tree, and working his hands to the bone to craft a masterpiece. Great vision, but in today’s industry – not very realistic.

With the growth of the internet and developments in machinery, log furniture has risen to a much broader scope than an axe and some chainsaws. Consumers can go online to make a purchase and have furniture delivered directly to their doorstep, without ever speaking to Paul Bunyan. But just like any other online purchase, buyer’s need to be aware of what they’re getting and what to look for.

All log furniture is not created equal

Although there are many high-ranking websites with a slew of products, your best source for buying is directly from the manufacturer. Think about it. Would you rather buy from the guy who has his head in the computer all day to make sure his website is ranking high, or the guy who has his hands on the furniture day in and day out?

If you’re considering a company who is not the manufacturer, keep in mind they have to mark the product up for resell. So as a consumer, you’re getting a product that is marked up twice before it gets to you. Buying from a¬†log furniture¬†manufacturer, your odds of the getting the best price are a lot better.

All pictures are not created equal

Don’t make your purchase decision solely on the look of a picture. Just because two items look the same, doesn’t mean they are the same.

If I did a search for “log beds” online, I’m going to get a large selection of bed pictures (many of them very similar, and at varying price points). So, the cheapest price must be the worst and the most expensive must be the best? Right?… Not really.

How is the bed assembled underneath? Does it arrive in a million pieces with a metal frame, does it have a solid wood frame, or does it even have a frame at all? What’s the actual diameter of the logs in the picture? Is it finished or unfinished? What will happen if I have a problem with my bed 2 years down the road? The list goes on and on, but you see what I’m getting at.

All log furniture companies are not created equal

Granted, your experience with every furniture company will always be different from one to the next. But if you’re in the market for log furniture, chances are this is for a special room in the house or for an entire home. Not to mention, log furniture is not something people replace every 3 months.

If you’re speaking with someone who doesn’t take a personal interest in what you’re looking for, move on. Their only concern is making the sale and getting on to the next caller.

Chances are you’ll be buying your log furniture site-unseen. You need someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Once it gets to your doorstep, it’s yours. So make sure you’re dealing with a log furniture company with a good track record and lots of experience.